Thoughts on K-Pop concert

Thanks to a lovely and sexy babe, I got a chance to see the K-Pop Concert @ Singapore and the seats were actually pretty good seats too!!

I did not bring my camera along because

1. My camera is too bulky.
2. I thought we would be like super duper far away and no use taking pic
3. My camera skills are sucky doesn’t make a differnce
4. Sure got other ppl take photos and videos
5. Concert means must see mah, not snap snap..
6. Still got my hp as backup camera.

I did take short videos of each of their performances with my hp. Will upload them.

Each artistes performed 2 items each…

First off, Junjin from Shinhwa

Impression: Hmmm, nothing much la, just that too old for me..hahaha..not my type but everyone was hyped up cos the concert just started..

Chae Yeon

Impression: She was quite sexy with her dance moves and looked cute, but she shouldn’t have pinned up her hair la!


Impression: Their song quite nice and addictive lei, till now can’t get it off my head.


Impression: Wasn’t really paying attention to them…hahahaha

2 PM

Impression: Their dance moves was super damn cool la, just blew me away!!!


Impression: Heard they were the youngest band. They were so adorable and cute la.. Esp with their age, couldn’t take my eyes off them..heh heh heh..

Andy from Shinhwa

Impression: Ummm, ok la, he can be quite cute cute when he smiles but looks kinda old…


Impression: I was pretty dissapointed cos I tot they were gonan strip..haha that was a joke la.. K la.. they were ok I guess.

And once again, I am so grateful for having such a nice friend, bringing me to a concert and that too with alot of celebrities. Interesting experience..and I got to make more friends too..haha


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