There were like seriously alot alot of Koreans, I think like 3/4 of them who attended were Koreans, so like practially everywhere you could see and hear them. So anyway, while I was returning back, I was alone cos the others wanted to go wait for the stars. Then it was super damn crowded and infront of me was this bunch of Korean teenagers….

They were being their usual loud and violent and they were joking and playing around and they were like fooling arnd pushin each other here and there and I being the poor soul was driving to dive in and out between them.. and then, at one pt, one of them banged to me backwards and i got sorta pushed backwards almost falling…

And this is the DRAMATIC PART…

Just at that moment, someone actually grabbed me, from the back.. and i was OMG WHO? and i turned *plays in love music here* a super cute looking korean boy, I still vaguely rmber his face. And he went “Okay?” (I bet that is 1 of the few words only he knew) and I wanted to say Kam-sa-Ha-Mi-Da, but at that moment, I just…FORGOT! So I repeatedly bowed…

Then just after that, the “romantic atmosphere” had to be ruined. He started yelling or maybe talking to his Korean friend, most prob asking him to stop playing or somthin, or maybe “Hey that bitch, I helped her, so heavy nvm, never even thank me” , they just started yelling korean at each other and i just made my escape…


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