A sway day

I have yet another successful and eventful SWAY day… It started early in the morning liao le..

Air-con Breakdown in bus
When I took the bus to work, for some reason, the air-con wasn’t working and the whole bus was so stuffy and hot. Some of the passengers could afford to get off and change bus, unlike me. I was stuck sweating during my almost an hour ride to work!!! And imagine being sweaty and sticky early in the morning! SWAY!

Forgetting to bring my Jap Text
Then later I realized, I forgot to bring my Jap Txt, which meant I had to go back home and retrieve it before lesson. It would be such a rush and wasted trip also!

Keep Disconnecting while playing sushido
Then we started playing sushido and for 3 times in a row, I freaking dc-ed before I could even complete the game sia!!!! And the saddest bit, I was leading in 2 of the games. That’s super damn sway la of cos… and of cos some ppl just had a great laugh at my poor poor plight..

Losing my wallet
It takes about 15mins from sch to walk out to the bus stop. So since I had forgtten my txt, I decided to leave earlier so I might make home in time before going for class. And just when my bus arrived and I was going to board it, guess what?? I couldn’t find my wallet!! I really panicked cos like my posb card, ic, ezlink, key all inside even though no $$ la. So I prayed hard that I had left it in school and I had to walk back plus, had to go back uphill this time in the scorching hot sun.

Wasted trip!
The wallet was luckily at my office, but I had wasted close to 45mins sia!! Then I had to walk another 20mins to a differnt bus stop to change bus to my home, get the txt and go for my class and it was a total rush and I was like 10mins late.Then my teacher was like ahhh sorry, we will not need this txt today, pls bring next lesson and I was !$!$!$_ YES THAT’S MY TYPICAL SWAY DAY!


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