Wow he’s so popular now

What the heck, how come I din know that he is so famous now la… (And I can’t believed I actually googled for him..) Here is the story. Jeff asked if he could recruit more ppl to sign max is a retard paper.

Woo!!! There was actually a queue a couple of days back to actually sign the paper. Haha! It was newly “implemented” this week and so fast it has accumulated so many signatures. Hope by the end of the mth, the paper becomes so full that you can even make out signatures..

Anyway back to the story, so I said ok lor and then I know alot of ppl went into my room la. Then suddenly everyone started rushing out yelling
“How you know him?”
Me: “Huh who?”
“That handsome guy la. You got take pic with him in your room”…
Me: ” Ohh he ar” “
“Ya how come u get to take pic with him..”
Me: “Chey. At sch lor. On our grad day. Aiya that photo also so old liao le, like all my other poly pics there… I think maybe 3-4 yrs ago”
(Then all so excited…)
“Do you know he is very very famous now! He just released his new album, you know! He so handsome!!!!”

I didnt even know that he was even making an album, let alone release it… I think the last I ever heard abt him was when KB was saying something like he was given a choice to choose his bunkmate or smethin, then he chose with KB or something liddat la.. Aiya so long ago, cannot rmb also… Anyway I had no idea he was so famous now!!!! I just googled him and so many ppl are actually crazy over him 0.o and want to meet him badly… OmG 0.O he so famous until liddat!!!! I can’t believe this and I find it very weird also.. haha..

If I knew then, I would have taken pics at all angles and made him sign as many times as possible so I can sell it now and make a living..muahahahah…..Okay la, I am kidding la wahliew!… I not so bo liao la!


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