Ohno Satoshi

Okay I was looking through at the latest communities posts in LJ. One of which was about a Singaporean ranting, that Iweekly, rarely featured Japanese artistes and if they did, it was either outdated news or in the bad way. It seems the recent Iweekly had Ohno from Arashi (one of the famous Japanese bands in Japan and elsewhere around the world) and the story was about his scandal.

So when I saw “scandal”, I was hoping someting juicy like “He was actually married” or “He and his gf caught in public” or “He was caught shoplifting” or “He did something stupid while drunk” or “He assulted a fan who was stalking him or somehing” But then it was just about something he did in 2005 -_- which the pictures have recently surfaced. And he was rumored to smoking marijuana and fooling around with girls…

What the helll… so dissapointing… I was hoping something BIG. Being the K.P.O me, of cos I hope something more juicy la…. Smoking marijuana and fooling around with girls, sounds so boring.. bleaugh.. No I DO NOT support drugs and flirting, but comparing him to Hollywood stars, this news is barely nothing…

Anyway, I am not a fan of Arashi nor of Ohno. They are way outta my leauge. (Okay except the fact that I like Matsojun because he is an excellent actor)


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