Excuse me

I really wonder, how Singaporeans can sound so rude, even when they are using a polite phrase like “Excuse me”. It seems as though they just rephrased “Get outta my way” with “Excuse me”. All thanks to the tone they use. And they think that they are being polite just because they say “excuse me”. Hello ppl, it is not the word alone ok? The way you say it also counts!!!! Like today I was in the bus….

Since it was after-work hours, it was super crowded as usual.. Then as usual and always there is one dumb cuckoo secondary student blocking the exit of the bus. I dun get it, why is there always some secondary student standing at the exit of a crowded bus and not moving in,when he/she is obviously not getting down anytime soon!!! Hello?? Use ur brain la! Why are u standing at the exit and hindering people from getting down at each and every stop? If you have more than 2 stops before you got to get off, just freaking move in la! It wont kill you!!!!

Arghh, anyway back to the story. So it was my stop, and I was getting ready to get down and of cos, there was people infront of me, who obviously wants to get down as well and that secondary student that blocks your exit. So while the bus was reaching the stop, I couldn’t move any more infront la, so just wait for the bus to stop and move out right? The bus uncle, sure will wait one, if he doesn’t, always press the nearest bell again la..

So some auntie, keep yelling “Excuse me! Excuse me!” and her tone, just seems to get higher and louder. It was as if I could read her words “Hey u bitch, move outta my way la wahliew!” Yes she is impatient, but even if one is impatient and says “excuse me”, you can sense the impatientness and agitatedness but, never get the feeling of being yelled or shouted at. But with Singaporeans, even a simple “excuse me” can make you feel that way….


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