Sun with Moon.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I was ill and recovered last week, but guess what? I am ill again -_-. This time it is getting worst and worst, having slight cough now also… Anyway, went to Sun with Moon (Jap restaurant)…. The food there is damn delicious la, but of cos costly also la… but I needn’t to worry about that, cos ppl have voucher mah!!! Hahaha!

We were like damn in love with the salmon sashimi la… it was sooo fresh and yummy and thick and oiishhi la… of cos you wouldn’t like it if you don’t like sashimi(aka raw food)….. We were even disappointed cos it was covered so much in ice than the yummy salmon sashimi itself.. haha.. I tink it was about $12 or $13 a plate though…

This was just a random choice, since we just wanted to try their sushi “for fun”. It turned out to be damn yummy also la..

This was my main dish. Salmon & Tempura Meal. The Tempura was damn yummy la… and there was a couple of varities and not to mention more salmon… In the end we wanted to try the desert but we were really too full to eat, so we decided to skip desert and end our lunch with a smoking hot tea..

But if not for the vouchers(thanks alot!), I think, I will never step and eat in such an expensive restaurant la.. so it was good experience la!!! Hahaha. I think minimum for a person would be about $25, but practically about $40 average per person…. Anyway, I am still welcoming treats, vouchers, sponsers blah blah for lunch cos, I only have $2.90 in my bank for the month left..


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