Anyway last week was my cousin’s wedding…. was forced to wear a sari but the best bit, everyone(cousins, aunties, visitors blah blah) was admiring it la… 2 total strangers of different race, actually came up to me randomly and asked me where I bought it from 0.o… Too bad it was a gift from my cousin when he went to Sri Lanka…

Haha I just found it funny that such a young boy was chosen to be the Tholan… LOL, I couldnt help noticing throughout, how bored and nervous he looked…

Then we head of to Malaysia to celebrate my cousin’s 1 years old bday (who happens to be almost 2 years old) She’s like the only girl cousin besides me…. Woo Girl Power!

This set of twins are super duper damn cute lor…. I almost wanted to kidnap them….Ooopss

They celebrated the brother’s bday as well… hahaha the candle (the big fat 7) has a funny story… After the candles were blown and cake was cut…. The adults were all bz cutting cake blah blah and then the eldest brother (10years old) came by and asked holding the candle…
He: “This one can eat va?”
(All the adults were bz so ignored him)
Me: “Cannot la. Candle also you wanna eat!! You wan die ar?”
All of a sudden, he started spitting out bits of candle pieces from his mouth and I was 0.o… LOlll he was actually eating the candle before he even asked if it can be eaten!!!!!


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