My Childhood friends

Hmmm I am kinda envious that Technology has improved so much when I am much older. Before Primary school, there was no such thing as Internet (Ok there was la.. but it wasn’t popular yet) and there was no such thing as Hp(again, there was la but not so affordable and trendy)

I wonder, if I would have been able to keep in contact with my chidhood friends if such technologies were avaliable then. It is kinda strange and sad that when younger we were so close nad yet now, we seem so far apart like strangers. I am gonna talk about childhood friends (cousins and school friends not included) *I changed their names :p


Who was he: My neighbour. He was a year older than me. He was more like my playmate. I remember that we always play games, gossip, go library and whatever together.
When I knew him: Since I was 4(or maybe earlier?) – 12
Last Contacted : 1997. When I moved house, was the last I heard/seen him.
Current Situation: Totally have no idea where he is, what he is currently doing etc. No contact at all for more than 10 years.


Who was she: My uncle’s neice.
When I knew her: Since I was 4(or maybe earlier?) We used to be really close, dancing together, sharing gossips, stories, cooking 0.o.
Last Contacted: 2005? It was a wedding in Singapore and that was the last I saw and spoke to her
Current Situation: I heard she is married with a kid now. I haven’t got a chance to see her or speak to her since I last saw her. Rarely communicate because she lives in Malaysia and obviously she has a new family now too, so more busy.


Who was she: My mom’s good friend’s son
When I knew her: Since I was 4(or maybe earlier?) We used to go to a couple of places together, travelling in bus together. I rmb we used to play on the water bed and we used to talk alot.
Last Contacted: Last year. Went to their house for visiting(usually every 2-3 years once or so)
Current Situation: Did speak to him abit last year when I saw him and he gave me alot of nail polish… Lol…i cldn’t remember why he was even having them…


Who was she: My late aunt in KL’s neighbour
When I knew her: Since I was 6(or maybe earlier?) There used to be a swing at her place and we always swing and talk and talk and stuff. I know we also like played together and she was a very fun friend since with no kids, I used to be kinda bored when I stayed there.
Last Contacted: 2001 at my cousin’s 1 year old birthday
Current Situation: No contact at all since then. No idea where she is and what she is doing

I had other childhood friends but I wasn’t really as close as I was with them. And other half of my childhood friends were also my cousins…. so maybe another day I shld do on them and how situation is with them now.


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