Yukata GUys

Oh ya life is so not the fair lor…. I came upon 2 opportunities to win a trip to Japan and both also is impossible lor.. The first one is by Shu Umera. Is a design art competition which was quite possible until their condition was “Only selected design school students in Singapore are allowed to participate” Wat the geseki lor… Then the second one is by Yoshinoya. Which after we bought our meal, realized it is more of a lucky draw tingy…and I am never lucky enuff to win lucky draws. Haiz… anyway since I just realized that the last few posts has been really wordy, lets liven up with guys in Yukata Pictures…

Wooo cute boys!!!!!

Lol… ueda – ger in disguise…..

Ahhhh my tegoshi, notti and shige… Kawaiii daaaaa…esp suits Tegoshi so well..

Wooo even my porn stars look cute in Yukata..

I like Matsumoto’s Yukata…suits him well…

Sooo cute…

And lastly my Teppei… Hhahaa but he looks like some Samurai gonna fight war liddat…


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