Back to Jap classes @ ikoma

Ok so finally today I signed up to continue my Jap Class!!! So I will be starting in two weeks time! I am gona take it at Ikoma Language class…. Had to do consultation with the Sensei there, throughout, she just spoke Japanese to me and even when I gave her the blur look, all she did was to repeat the sentence slower in Japanese with lil hand gestures… but never spoke English… hahaha…And half the time I was answering her with whatever first terms that came to my mind. Like she asked me “which day u wanna start” and I was Omggg day day day…which day? And at that moment I could remember “Suiyoobi” and before I realized it, that was the day I wont be able to make it… heng later the receptionist confirmed if I wanted to start my lesson on Wed and I managed to change it to Mondays instead(And the sensei came back and went “I tot u say u wanted Wednesday? Why Monday”) and I was almost going home already so finally I just answered her back in English “Any day also can” and she went ahhhhh… Hahaha anyway better start revising liao le!

Anyway remember here I mentioned about Koizora n how much I wanted to watch it and I even said that Spore will never show it. But guess what I found out today??? THEY ARE SHOWING THAT MOVIE IN SINGAPORE.. LIKE OMG!!!!!! I am so gonna watchhhh… I am like slow to find out abt this now and seems been a while since the show was even released -_- but who cares, they are showin a movie in Singapore that I wanna watch…like WOOHOOO!!!

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