Prettys boys

Wahliew I am like super cursed la.. I tell u if I find out that geseki that caused my despair on friday, I will make sure I push him down the stairs and make sure he bangs his head against the wall and dies instantly without even getting to say sorry!!! *insert all vulgaries here*

If I thought friday incident was the swayest, today “better still” I lost my spectacles. Like hello my specs is branded and worth almost $200 and now I can’t even see properly without those! Wahliew! And I absolutely do not have the $$ to get another specs and I cant go any longer squinting, it hurts my head so much…. ARGHHHHHH… ok lets talk abt happi tings..

Thanks to June now I know another bishie(pretty boy). Talking about pretty boys, I watched Princess Princess D…

Quite a lame show(heard the anime is 100imes better) but there was quite a number of pretty boys also.. and they are super pretty! But at least the drama that I last watched after this show was much better… (or maybe it seemed better cos I watched Princess Princess D first? *shrugs*)

Tantei Gakuen Q.. is a drama about a group of teen detectives who solve mysteries mostly murder cases. It is quite interesting although at most times the suspect is predictable, the way they solve the case can be quite cool at times. And the best bit, got cute boys. Initially, I watched the show to watch Yamada Ryosuke but then I realized, I had grown to like Kamiki Ryunosuke more instead. Yamada had too much of the Johnny boy’s aura around him during the drama..rofl..

I coincidentally found out two infors… Firstly being, I just found out, he was that cute lil boy in Mukodono(which I totally fell in love with, when I watched it 5 years ago)

Chibi Kamiki, kawaii ne? And the second being, he shares the same bday as me WOOHOO Finally there is a star who has the same bday as me and that too a super cute boy!!!!! Anyway Kurosagi is out in cinemas!(In Japan cinemas that is -_-)


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