Yamapi in AN An?

It was a nice long weekend ね? でも, it would have been more fun if it was longer! I know what you are thinking, ya I wouldnt be even satisfied if it was for a month.. Anyway Ah Meng passed away la!:

you know Singapore’s famous orang utan?? Ya RIP Ah Meng…

My latest from Japan!!!! NWP Bag!!!! But the color abit too light but who cares…Isn’t it cool.. muahahahahaha!!! I also asked him help me buy the upcoming NEWS CD for me when they are released..cos it is much cheaper since it is from Japan and also i dun have to pay for shipping… ROFL.. I knw you are thinking…what a cheapo… I can’t help it la! If you need anythin from Japan lemme knw!!

Watched this 3 episodes Massu show and he was so かこいい and 可愛い!!!! Too bad it was draggy and the main actor/actress were really bleaugh.. but worth of Massu ね!

Finally finally, after years and years of waiting, i got hold of mukodono 2003 with English Subs!!! Uwaaa I have been waiting for that drama since like Poly days but heard it is not as good as the original Mukodono.. but who cares it is Tomoya Nagase lei!!!!! Oh anyway after like 7 yrs wid Ayumi, he and Ayumi broke up end last yr.. ya like it is any of our business… lol.. But Tomoya Nagase YAAYYYYY!!


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