KJH in Singapore

Konnichiwa!! Posting from Down under… haha… Though is summer here, samui ne!!! Anyway, I just realized I am such a sucky photographer la.. KJH was actually right infront of me and the bestest picture I actually took of him was this:

The others all were super blur.. -_-

I dunno why but this comp cant upload videos to youtube so when I am back to Singapore I will upload all the videos I took during the fan meet. Anyway I uploaded this particular video to blogger cos we were waving way and coincidentally he saw us and waved back…That was pure luck la and that ah-soh infront tot that he was waving at her…so she waved back -_-

This was the first time I actully went to see a star la.. but of cos I am not like any dumb fans to chase him or anything la. I was just curious how it would be like to go see a star so I decided to go see him since I had alot of friends wid me as well. But it was an interesting experience to see a big celebrity. Haha.

6 days to Christmas15 days to 2008!


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