Cartoon Kat-tun

I have watched all 30+ episodes of Kat-tun Cartoon. So what I am gonna do for the nxt two days? *gasps* Cos I have no dramas to watch since rmb my hard-disk prob. I am not a fan of KAT-Tun or anything. But I thought their Member-Love was cute.

Kame – I have always said about him. So skip.

Akanishi Jin – That bakayaro who went “car-shrimp” is now the “pro-est” amg them in English sia! All cos of his 1yr stay in US. Wooo so proud of him.

Tagguchi – All the members jus love sabo-ing him. And I love his smile, cos no matter how geninuly he smiles, it still looks fake la! And it just makes me laugh.

Tanaka Koki – He looks the scariest of them off.. He has a style of his own which can’t make me think that he is a Johnny’s.

Ueda – He is one of the low profile ones. And because of that “mysteriousness” I am instantly attracted to him. I think he has this cuteness in him and I have mentioned about it before also la..

Nakamaru – He is one really really cool beatboxer la!!! But he is another one with weird face la.. reminds me of clown liddat.. I think is the nose, can’t stop laughing.

These are all very old piucs of them cos I really wanted to find one which spelt kat-tun. I realized that most of Kat-tun members are funny looking. Just looking at their weird faces makes me laugh.

Anyway I am so lost la! How do you actually use the file sharing thing offline? Stany ask me send me some things and he also said he created a file-sharing folder. So the problem is how come I cannot see the one he created and things inside it? I am so lost…

3 days to KJH’s arrival
4 days to MY departure
13 days to Christmas
22 days to 2008!


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