snobbish guy

I thought die die die die must post this….. no matter how tired, sleepy or whatever I am! Ok lemme get to the pt, we went to Armani’s to get a shirt for our beloved 🙂 So since we were like getting for a guy and it is branded and not cheap either, we had to make sure that most importantly it fits la.. So we decided to look for “potential guys” who had the same figure to try….so initally we spotted guys but both also with mommy -_- so we din dare not ask la. Then we spotted this 2 “potential guys” so we decided to ask them:

“Sorry excuse me, can you please help us try on a shirt?”
He turned around with all attitude in the most snoobishhst manner and went
“Do I look like a salesperson here?”
We were stunned. Then the other friend was like “No la, No la, I think they want you to help them try on the shirt.”
And we were like “Yea we wanna get a present for a guy and his built is smthin like you so we just need u to help us try”
“So you want me to wear it on?” (sooo fiercely)
“Errr, jus turn around we see see can la”
So after we see see and it was ok
“Thanks alot”
“Okay” (with the strictest face ever adn not even smiling)
The moment we done with him, we turned around to each other and went

He is sooo unfriendly and snobbish la.. he din even smile abit u know? And we were like saying, we should have just told him off “we not asking u, we asking ur friend”,(since the friend was much much friendlier) the moment he gave us attitude. He think soooo highly of himself! Melia was like “See! See! Now you know why I dun have bf cos Singapore guys are soo snobbish!”

6 days to KJH’s arrival
7 days to MY departure
16 days to Christmas
25 days to 2008!


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