Random Rubbish again

Die la die la.. rmb I was asying hw broke i was.. guess what, my hp bill is like $50… usually is like 26 or so.. this time is double the amt…and also this time for the first time in my entire 6 years of owning an handphone I exceeded the outgoing calls as well.. yaaa..serious.. My mom was like how come the bill so high this time???And I was errr しらない ?? .. oh talking abt しらない ..lemme digress…

My bro and I had to wash the kitchen la.. so at one point

Bro: wastebin need wash?
Me: しらない (in high pitch tone).
then he actually poured a pail of water onto the wastebin
Bro: ok done
Me: why did u do that for????
Bro: i assumed it was a yes..
me: しらない .. means ‘I don’t know’ laa

Err but no one realized about that “wet wastebin” hahaha…


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