Baka E

Ok Mr E had seemed to have gotten onto everyone’s nerves and today he got on mine too. I finally symphatise and understand those poor souls who went through worse than me. I almost lost my cool and wanted to yell at him but then Mr L was like trying to help and make things not seem so bad so I tried my best to stay calm

I mean damn irritating lor Mr E.. ppl give him work do cannot do it properly which makes me ending up doing double work which is soo retarded….just made things worse for me. And what annoyed me worse was besides the sloppish work he did, he still was sooo freaking stubborn lor.

I told him I did not receive his email and he was freaking stubborn that it has been successfully sent and I should have received. Then moments later, he said the mail bounced back cos my mail was too full.. (and whatever happened to the “successfully sent”??)

I told him it was impossible.. Hello I got 2gb of space and only used up 2%. How on earth is that possible, you tell me!!!! He refused to believe again being the stupid idotic stubborn brat that my mail was full.. I got pissed off.. and I was nvm i come and send the file over to myself. And I went over there and I realized his ultimate stupidity. He sent it to the wrong email!!!!!!

And I pointed that out and that freako refused to believe la!!!! He was like. It is correct. It is correct. I am like @%*$ !!!! So i self-serviced and forwarded the document. I seriously wonder why do idiots like him exist.


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