Ystd had alot fun la…
The morning, so sway, started raining then though we had ponchos and umbrella, it was so mah fan, so we got wet in the rain and guess what lar… i so hard straighten my hair become curly and messy back again -_- So I ended up having messy hair for the day…
But the day itself was fun lar.. we had alot of fun.. but some ppl pissed me off big time. That teacher from whatever school. She was soo attitude lor. And that guy that I hate, keep kpoing around and asking STUPID questions and giving STUPID remarks… Wanted to punch his face la!
Then later, went ECP beach and quite nice lar…. had real fun there as well..but on the way back damn annoying lor, we were waiting for taxi for some time and it was pretty late already. And this big dumb family, jus walked infront of us and waved the taxi to stop sia!!!

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