Okay wanted to make an entry on ysterday like the “trip” to east coast, the werid bus driver and evening when we did people watching at orchard, and window shopping.. but then hor is gonna be damn long winded and I am lazy… hahahaha.. Anyway I was so super duper damn happy cos after almost 2 months of wait, I GOT MY RUSS-K jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(lol bad photo taking skills)
See Yamapi wears the exact jacket..even the color too!! :p
I actualli kept the price tag for rememberance too..hahahaha
So cool sia!!!! And u know, Hk really rocks la.. he actually passed me these two catalogs he took from the store for me!!!!! I totally went crazy. I bet most likely no one in Singapore has these catalogs…..muahahahha..
Oh and that is not all… he was like I tried really hard to find Teppei things but I couldn’t I got u this instead:
OMGGGGGGGG that is another one you can never nver never find in SIngapore. Cos firstly u can rarely find NEWS stuff anyway in always Kat-tun Kat-tun Kat-tun and secondly that baka boy didn’t realize but IT IS AN ORIGINAL JOHNNY’S SHOP UCHIWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omggg if any NEWS fan in Singapore comes across my blog, I swear they will be plotting to kill me now!!!!Omggg i love himmm man!!! He is like the bestest friend I have….. Ya u all sux la.. (oops jus kiddin la…jus too happy)

Recently alot of this ppl I dun even knw from Indonesia, Phillipines blah blah has been adding me in friendster lar..
(From the “who has viewed you” all of them had added me)
So I just click on the “no” “no” as long as I hve no idea who they are and I finally realized why those morons have been adding me lar..
Omg this ppl r dumb or wat.. Hello my name is so big big a female’s name and my gender is female and these morons still can think I am a guy.. And cute my foot lar.. tht kinda cha-chat face also can become cute. They sound like some despos… Lame la!

Anyway I accidentally came across a trailer for Koizora.. looks pretty interesting lei.. I wanna watch this show too. ya like Singapore will ever ever ever show. Ohhh btw heard they are gonna show Hero!!!! Kimura Takuya show lei!!! I am def gonna watch!!!!

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