September 11 2007

Oh wow.. guess what date issit today? *gasps* It is September 11.. ARGGGHHHHHHHHH. -_- Why do they have to make a big deal outta today even years after the incident.Ya it is sad that alot lost their lives on their unfaithful day. Blah Blah But c’mon, millions die a year and if it is their time to go, then too bad for them lar..

Am I being insensitive? Well I wouldn’t be reacting this way if they quit all the “OMG WE SOO POOR THING LEI..KENNA BOMBED BY TERRORISTS.. SO PLEASE PITY AND SYMPHATISE US”. For goodness sake, look at the world around them.. opps i forgot, for Americans, they ARE THE WORLD. Alot of innocent lives are lost every day. Gang rapes, Hit and Runs, Murders, Robberies, earthquakes. How about them? Did the victims deserve to die? But lives are lives too and if you calculate lives that are not meant to be lost, lost due to non terrorist activites They add up millions times more than that lost in 9/11.

So am I supporting the terrorists and saying what they did was right? Hell No. They too need some serious knock-on-the-head. I personally think terrorists are deprived ppl. And abit ding-dong in the head. Their beliefs just contradicts with their actions. They must be really bored ppl. And I pity how they have been used. Like:

Some Johnny looking dude goes “YOU-tachi, be a sucide bomber” And 30 years later, he is still pointing fingers “YOU-tachi, be a bomber” while partying away with the millions he had earned on the expenses of other lives.

Ok so lemme ask:
When did the Bali bombings occur?

Chotto Matte! Are you typing wikipedia or google to even help u?? I think you get my point. Am I racist against the Americans? Maybe? Why? Cos everything they do, just freaking annoys me. Which maybe explains why I have never had a favorite Hollywood actor and singer. (Daniel Radcliffe is British you idiot)

Ok so my point of this post… Errr nothing??? Just wanna post something lar.. Actually wanted to blog abt smthin else but forgot to take the picture required for the post (himitsu dayo himitsu) so shall post tht tmrw or some other time. But it is quite an interesting experience posting a serious entry. Maybe should try this again. Lol.


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