Ah Bengs are loveee

Ummmm…….Ok…..AHHH did you know I like Ah Beng esp wannabes cos I find them cute? Dunno? Come come listen. If you know, just shuddup and read also since you are here anyway.

~I love their LOUDNESS.
~I love their broken Engerish
~I love their “WHAT?”
~I love how they compose sentence with the lil vocab and vulgarities they know.
~I love their weird dressing to make sure they stand out
~I love their over-reacting to everything with their “Sieow” or “HUH”
~I love how slow they are before they really understand something
~I love the way they bully others
~I love their walking, its so funny.
~I love the way they become overprotective of everything around them and anything to do with them.
~I love their smile and soft side (Ya they do have and it is far more true than you can imagine)


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