Some ppl

Ok so I was asked to “blog properly” about anything related to myself. So I wondered what to blog about.. I wondered and wondered and wondered.. My 2 hr journey to and fro home, I was brainstorming. Guess what? I can’t seem to think of any. Why?

– Cos my life is so drama, if I was to blog about it, I would just have to spend hours to write a day of my life.

– Too much personal information = I might get murdered by some stranger from the net.

– Somehow or rather I feel more satisfied blogging about things I love ppl that I like instead

– Having pictures of stars on my blog is eye-pleasing for me than having mine or anything and anyone related to me

– I might just offend someone or say something really taboo or illegal without realizing (I’m famous for that)

– Strangely, I am used to this style of blogging.

– The blogcrazy ghost might eat me up for not keeping his promise. (Joke)

– Errr… That’s all I can think of now… Wahliew.. sleepy lei… All becos of some ppl…Gonna sleep lar..


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