I love my Spongebob

Noooooooooooooooooooo the world is soooooo cruel. Everyone is against the one I love. This suxs. How can they do this to me? Even strangers frown upon the one I love. How dare they!!! I am so disappointed that no one really understands me. I am against all odds and will follow my heart. WHAT’S WRONG WITH LOVING SPONGEBOB??

The next time some random moron on the bus stare at me for my spongebob ringtone, I am gona make sure I teach him a lesson, so he would never look down on another spongebob squarepants lover again.

Ok enough of Spongebob, last week,according to New Paper, it reported the no 1 Japanese in Japan is Kimura Takuya. Kimura Takuya was like one of the first Japanese actors I ever knew, like maybe six years ago. I never knew he was really that cute until I watched a drama of his. I think he is just not photogenic maybe?

Some idiots are getting on my nerves. I hate calling people idiots, but these ppl really deserve the title.

I used to see them on other videos I used to view on youtube and now those idiots are spamming on my beautiful videos too. Die idiots die.

Btw, anyone knows where to buy those “Knife through head” hairband? Yamapi had one in Proposal Daisakusen and Teppei in Lovely Complex. It looks damn nice n cool. That’s why I wana get one myself.

They look damn cute with it right???? I went to two halloween themed shops recently and both din’t have them 😦 Maybe I should wait till halloween?? Or maybe they are just sold in Japan? But anyone comes across it, let me know ok!!!! 😀


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