Remember in an entry on survey I did recently and my the guy who ended up as my “best friend” ? Well, as of recent I realized who he was, he is Ueda from Kat-tun. I think he is cute… cos he looks weird and cha-chat…haha

“He used to want to be a teacher, but decided against it after realising that he might be assigned to an all-girls school” I told you J.E boys are all gays.. Maybe not.. Maybe he has a thing for granny’s. Yes, get your granny to cover her chest when she walks past him, Wanna know why, watch below:


I like it when he wanted to say “No” and he starts stammering and everyone was like “Busted” And Kame is too gay to understand the other guy’s obsession with women’s chest la. I like KAT-TUN’s talk shows cos it is kinda funny how the member’s other side are accidentally revealed and I love the others reactions to their “member’s secrets”…Like once the clip here, Maru was saying how Taguchi had two huge posters of himself in his room. And everyone was like something is not right with you….

Early April this yr, they had Avril Lavigne to play darts with them. I have no idea why but Avril looked super duper nervous. I never knew someone like her could get so nervous. Maybe it was the language barrier thingy… I guess half the time, she must be guessing “Are they making fun of me???” If you wanna watch the nervous Avril..you can do so here


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