Camera spam

Some of us poly classmates met up….

At least I got to eat oiiishhi cake from LH Helen

Seeee!! We girls alone ate that much sushi! Sushi poowerrr!

Next was the bbq we had…

I have no idea why, but whatever we cooked ended up getting burnt but luckily there were a number of “chaota”(burnt) food lovers amg us…

We girls ended up bbqing cos the stupid boys decided to “gossip” away… I got sick and tired of telling them off..once it got dark, I “ran” away from the pit…

I got prove bbqing (Koped this pic from JM’s blog though)

Nic wanted to see my had taken pic of my workstation to show her.. So shall post 2 of the 9 pics I took… ya I myself never realize my wrkstation so big 0.o

So everytime I felt tired or stressed, I had the huge Teppei to look at…


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