How cute

Look at Wentz! He was supposed to spell “Thursday” and look what he ended up spelling… Rofl does Saturday even sound like Thursday and that too he spelt wrongly… And you know he is half Japanese and half German and yet his English is this bad… -_-

And there was this clip where Aiba and Takki visited USA Disneyland when they were really young. It is really funny cos Takki was excited speaking English and saying random unrelated English words. Classic has to be Aiba. He got pissed off when the lady said she couldn’t speak Japanese…

Anyway the Takki guy is all grown up(24) and hot now. Ohh and he’s the one who inspired Yamapi to join JE.
And to think Aiba’s English was bad but this Ohno guy’s ( from Arashi ) English is worse. Aiba and Ohno are supposed to answer questions asked by the lady and they keep getting it all wrong esp the Ohno… is really funny..

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