Wrong Number from Bangla

Ok so ystd this strange number starting +8801…. kept calling me.. The firts time I did hear it ring, but it rang once and i tot it must be those scams where they make u call back.. So i did not care… Then later they kept calling me and of cos as usual I did not realize them calling me cos so noisy then my hp the ringtone not the loud… so I had like 5 missed calls from that number..

Then I tot the number was frm Hong Kong, cos I knw there also the number starts with 8… so all along I tot it was from Hong Kong. So I tot who the heck wld call me from Hong Kong.. i dun remember any friends who have migrated to Hong Kong…

So finally when we were bluetoothing each other videos, it rang and I had a chance to pick up the fon

Me: Hello?
Guy: Hello?
Me: Ya?
Guy: Who’s this?
Me: You call me and ask who is this? Who are you?
Guy: Who are you?
(I got irritated so I started speaking in a super monotonous and annoying tone)
Me: Who am I?
Guy: (said smthing and I cldn’t hear well)
Me: I am not Lily.
Guy: Then what is your name?
Me: My name?
Guy: Are you stupid?
Me: (in my monotonous tone still) Yaaaa I am like sorta retarrrrdddeeeddd
(And the person hung up after that. LOL!)

Wahahaha and all along I thought the call was from Hong Kong and so I was worried, what if it was really one of my friends or something but I really couldn’t think there. Then when I came back home, I checked the country for that country code and guess which country the call was from? BANGALADESH!!!!!!!!! ROFL! I was actually talking to some bangala yesterday!!!


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