Random Rubbish

Ohhhh yea on Sunday papers, there was this article that my ex schools has the most uncoolest uniform… Wahlieweh.. for 10years I have been wearing that uniform le… Imagine how “uncool” I might have been.. I tink my uncool level hit 110% if that is the case.

On other note, I dyed my hair but what the hell!!!! No matter what color Use it always turn out to be the same color…. arggghhhhh and the weird bit abt my hair… the more I was the brighter my color gets… I have no idea why also…. usually for most ppl the more they wash their hair the duller their color get but my hair.. stupid la..

Oh yeah and RIP to the croc hunter guy.. was such a shock… but wat the hell of all things a stingray killed him?? like the media said…. very ironic…. Oh well that is life I guess..


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