Ok this is the sms I got

Hi, *blah blah*. *blah blah* here. Are you free on tuesday morning? We would like you to drop by to sign the agreement as the school wants to start on wednesday. Also on monday, if you are free would like you to join in one of the school. i’m having lesson just to let you take a look at the classroom environment. Pls give me a call when you have read this sms as a confirmation. Thanks.

So in other words.. I GOT A JOB!!!!! YAY!!!! ok.. so now i have to “unsubscribe” myself frm all the job webbies that have been spamming me and I have been doing them as well..

Ok so this job i applied it long long time ago.. like in Decemeber.. and wow after so long they called me two weeks ago and went, “*blah blah* primary school might need a *blah blah* would u be interested.. and i was OF COS!!! and they were like ok we need to get back to the school and get abck to u.. and i was ok cool! and now muahahahahahahaha…

yay no more job hunting.. now is JOB SUFFERING!!!

edit: even more good news.. MY MSN IS WORKING!!


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