yea today ecid Kelvin was me abt his gf and he quarrelleed nad he was sad and all that stuff. he was telling how gd he was last time nad how he came like that jus cos he had a gf…..quite interesting… i think he was quite sad that he had a quarrell wid a gf but i relli dunno wat to say to him.

Then teh other guy was like telling interesting stry abt Alan they all when the STOOPID TEACHEr came nad evesdrop on us and interrupted us. then he went on sayin why he broke up wid this ger i know her cos i ahev spoken to her before adn he went sad too when he said on that…. Guys and when tey talk abt tehir gf… realli dunno wat to say… but was fun la today gossipin time..

There is liek gonna be like a class photo takin session soon and i hope my whole class turns up cos i realli want the photo… jus hope they all turn up…want tis pic to be realli memorable…


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