Oh well..

Okie since a long long time since i have updated. I tot i wld realli fail my ecid test and all my tikam will go wrong but guess wat… I got a damn B…Haha so happy abt it but our assig we got like a C…so yea kinda sad.. Oh ya there is this guy in my grp. he is actualli a yr 4 cos he repeatin 1 more yr. but he is so gentlemanly and so nice…… he is like so sweet also that day was so cold and he was like offering me his jacket. so sweet!!! dont worry he has a gf..

Still trying to avoid Alan..wen i see him in the bus i know he wants me to sit wid him but i jus ignore and walk past. i hate him. thank goodness the last 2 assig i do not have to do wid him.

Another thing is like i dun think i will be wid ANY of my classmates next sem cos no one seems to take my elevtive…oh well…hope i end up wid nice ppl whom i can survive wid and not like this sem. Other than that fyp is like so difficult and killin me..stress….to think it was gonna be ez till i talked to my cher and knew how deep trouble and idiot i was… stupid course.. Next week is wk 12….yes 4 more weeks to survive…1 more mth and sch closes… yes yes yes….


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