It’s over

Okie how was the play yesterday? I think it was okie…but i din do my best there…i dunno but the director was so sweet…he knew i was sick and he lent me wear his jacket and he was sleeveless in the whole bloody damn cold place and he also bought me a woods sweet for my throat and he gave all of us flowers…so touched… aiya too bad i dun like older guys

Anyway i hope he really gets a good score i mean he did his best as a director but he is quite sad that his fav lect did not like why he chose this play…but he sadi he is happy even if he gets a C…But i hope he gets an A or smth… some audience critised the play while others said it was marvellos….

And i met A REAL GAY…his hand gestures his body all so girly(u noe like the guy who likes wanwan in holland v…forgot his name) and he even introduced himself as one!!!!He also has a thing for cute guyz…oh no…i shld him keep away from my raymond and xu mengzhe…..


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