So happy

Guess wat i am chosen as a main lead in one of the plays *WOW* I was chosen the role of the Nurse… YEa so happy and is like there is onli 3 roles in the play…the wife…the husband and the nurse….

Anyway got another assig back and i got B!!! I tot i wld get a D or smth….but hehe…so happy…But next wk i die i have 5assigs due!!! thats rite 5!!!! plus have to memorise my 12 pages script! argggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!

And btw gals, Raymond is this guy frm the same course as me but he is in Year 3. He failed one of his module so he has to come to my class last semester to retake it…He is damn cute in the side view…belive me!!! (but not front view)


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