Long time neva update cos of all the projects la…..

Our Drama club has been producing noise pollution in the Atrium wid the blasting Rock and Metallic musics…..*sorry i suck at English*

And well the whole class maibe not the whole class but the guys know my password…..cos of that jeffrey la when i was typin my password he was like peeping and he was like i Saw “A” and he pretended to turn away and then he saw me pressed the number in the keypads and he was like “numbers ah” and he suddenly bursted out “OH I KNOW” and he started laughing away….and Pony yelled i know also and he told out should be “insert password here” la..wahlau my classmates are so smart… No i am the dumb one for keeping jus an obvious password

Oh ya and finally i saw RAYMOND and the at the lift as we were to enter he came out and Amanda was like “Oi…your….wat is his name?” and i was like “RAYMOND” and how cld u have forgotton”…

Oh ya there is this guy in drama club committee and his hair is long and grey-blue and i am IN LOVE wid his hair…YA HIS HAIR!!!…. maibe u wldnt think is nice but i do….and guess wat he was frm St Andrews Sec… affilated brother sia..haha cool man


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